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A person’s life is turned upside down as soon as he or she is seriously injured in an accident. With mounting medical bills and the inability to work, the injuries are physically, financially and emotionally painful. If you fail to retain an experienced and effective car accident lawyer right away, the opposing insurance company will have you right where it wants you. You may make mistakes from the start, and those mistakes will be used against you in the future. That is why you should retain a NYC car accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Alfred Odom, P.C. right away after being injured in a car accident as a result of the negligence of somebody else. 

Liability and Damages 
Always remember that insurance companies are in business to make money. Their objective is to cash premium checks and invest that money to make even more money. If an insurer is going to pay out on a claim, it will be paying as little as possible. That helps keep shareholders happy. Unless you were rear-ended when you were stopped, the other insurance company will argue that you were partially at fault for your crash. By taking that position it will be trying to devalue your claim for damages. For example, if it argues that you were 25 percent at fault for your accident and injuries, it will only want to pay 75 cents on the dollar or less on your claim. Then, it will argue that some of your medical bills and treatment were not reasonable and necessary. That could take down their final payment to 50 cents on the dollar or less. 

Don’t help the other insurance company build its defense against your claim. Contact the NYC car accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Alfred Odom, P.C. right away after being injured in any accident.

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