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Medical Malpractice: How to Begin Your Case

Medical malpractice involves situations where persons sustain injuries and damages as a result of a medical provider’s negligence. Because the law expects medical professionals to provide their services with great care, there may be money damages available to persons who are injured when providers fail to adhere to the standards of practice. If you have […]

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Common New York Auto Accidents and Why You Need an Attorney

Rear-end and failure to yield accidents are the two most common types of auto accidents in and around New York. Some of them occur at high speeds. After being injured in an accident, you may consider starting your claim without the assistance of an attorney. That is exactly what the insurance company on the other […]

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Patient Injured as a Result of a Surgical Error? How You Can Be Compensated?

Surgical errors happen every day across the United States, but we only hear about a few of them. They can occur in complex surgeries like brain and heart procedures, or they can be simple like operating on the wrong surgical site or even the wrong person. Surgical instruments or sponges might be left in a […]

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Why a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case

A person’s life is turned upside down as soon as he or she is seriously injured in an accident. With mounting medical bills and the inability to work, the injuries are physically, financially and emotionally painful. If you fail to retain an experienced and effective car accident lawyer right away, the opposing insurance company will […]

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